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Melihat Potensi Ketidakterjaminan Tanggungan

Desember 2019 Media CNBC Indonesia membahas dua asuransi tertua di tanah air dengan tajuk  "Two Big to Fail" , sebuah kalimat yang dipinjam dari film berjudul " Too Big to Fail " yang berlatar krisis keuangan tahun 2008. Terdapat poin menarik terkait solvabilitas perusahaan apabila diukur menggunakan rasio hutang terhadap aset (Debt-to-Aset Ratio) dari data yang diperoleh dari pemberitaan sebagai berikut. Rasio Hutang terhadap Aset Bumiputera dan Jiwasraya Perusahaan Tahun Data Aset  (Triliun Rp) Liabilitas  (Triliun Rp) D/A Ratio  (%) PT. AJB Bumiputera 1912 Desember 2017 10 30 300% PT. Jiwasraya Mei 2018 44 40 91% Sumber : CNBC Indonesia Apabila nilai rasio berada diatas 100 % (Seratus Persen) dapat diartikan bahwa aset perusahaan tidak cukup untuk melunasi seluruh kewajibannya, jika dibawah seratus persen maka aset perusahaan masih dapat membayar seluruh kewajib
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[Transkrip] What Would It Mean If U.S. States Went Bankrupt?

Dipublikasikan oleh CNBC pada 18 Mei 2020 The coronavirus pandemic is hitting America hard. Countless Americans are being advised to stay home as much as possible and governments are telling non-essential businesses to stay closed. But governments themselves are also taking a hit. Much of the economy has either slowed down dramatically or ground to a halt and with all that lost economic activity come the tax revenues governments depend on to pay for their massive budgets. On April 21st, Senator Mitch McConnell said he would support the idea of letting states declare bankruptcy. Later, he walked back his comments. But the episode resulted in a firestorm of media commentary.  "Come on, man… that is completely and utterly irresponsible. This is no time for bankruptcies and wishing bankruptcies."  – Gov. Phil Murphy, D-New Jersey – "The most un-American, uncharitable, ugly statement of all times."  – Gov. Andrew Cuomo , D-New York – Of course, there are reasons to be co

[Transkrip] Pidato Penutupan Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019

“During the course of our discussions with leaders from Turkey, Iran, and Qatar. We share the sentiments that for these efforts to work, we need to keep the initial group small so that We can pursue the objectives immediately without having to be distracted by too many opinions and conditions.” “Ladies and gentlemen… the other leaders and myself have elaborated at length on how pitiful the state of affairs of the Muslim world is today. It was pointed out… that We are a 1.83 billion strong which means that Muslims from almost a quarter of the total human population, and yet… We lack a proportionate representation in all fields on the global platform.” “There is also concerned that Muslims in non-Muslim countries are forced to undergo assimilation. We support integration, but assimilation to the extent of shedding our religion is unacceptable. It was pointed out that if Muslim countries are independent and capable of standing on their own feet, we will not be subjected to suc